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I wrote and published this book here titled “A to Z of Success for Children” to teach kids how to start early to build a fulfilled life. The things I wrote in this book are the things I learned growing up under my parents which later helped to make me the person I am today. One of the topics I discussed in this book is Determination. Determination means being strong and working hard to breakthrough at all times no matter the challenges we encounter.

With the level of stress, job losses, uncertainty and frustrations going on now worldwide in the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic, I urge you to stay determined and keep working on your dreams. This is not a time to stay indoors eating all kinds of junk foods, drinking, watching endless movies or talking all day over the phone. This is a time to use your creativity wisely, reading, learning new skills, improving your vocabulary, posting positive messages online once in a while to encourage others, and investing in your future. Stop wasting your God Given precious time and do something to improve your life.

This pandemic will be over someday but you will still be here, and if care is not taken, you will be worse off in terms of being overweight, lost creative time, and more pot belly from excessive drinking.

Time wastes for no one. So go outside and walk, while keeping the social distance rule, and do something to invest in yourself. Do 100 push-ups daily, do one minute planks daily, walk your dog, and read a book. Stay productive but be determined to live a happy life no matter what life throws at you. Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Don’t forget to order the “A to Z of Success for Children” book by Azuka Zuke on Amazon.com to keep your kids informed of how to create a successful life starting young. Keep them safe too during this trying times. I am praying for the whole world for safety. I am Azuka Zuke, I approve this blog post and website.


I am Azuka Zuke~ Author of over 11 self-development books, International Speaker, Change Agent, Gratitude Promoter, Motivational Doctor, Smile Spreader, and Confidence Coach. Azuka is a disciple of the movement for positive change and gratitude. He immigrated from Nigeria, West Africa and is now an American Citizen. Azuka travels the world empowering people to live their dreams to the greatest capacity ever possible and to live a life of gratitude at all times. A Beverly Hills Book Award Winner, Azuka strongly believes in the American Dream which is still alive, strong and powerful. Azuka takes pride in living life happily with gratitude and deference to the Most High. He is a soccer enthusiast, and plays the beautiful game well. He plays golf as well. He writes self-development books.

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