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I am AZUKA, International TV Star, Motivational Speaker, Confidence Coach, Author, Change Agent. I am a disciple of the movement for positive change and gratitude. author-small

Azuka grew up in a remote village in Nigeria, West Africa. Having found himself under the guidance of parents who were tough, there was total discipline at home which later became a moving force in his drive to succeed. Over time, he immigrated to The United States of America and became a moving force for positive change and has made a career of motivational speaking. He inspires people everywhere he goes even on the streets of America to be their best and charges people to be tough & determined. Azuka sees a powerful future in every human being and strongly believes that every human has “The Power to Excel” only if they are willing to try just a little hence the creation of the Azuka Movement, a brand loaded with motivation, strength, gratitude, inspiration & positive energy. Azuka Zuke is an international motivational speaker, non-fiction author and a Beverly Hills Book Award Winner. He plays soccer as a hobby. Azuka is always under construction, a perpetual student and not a perfect being. He believes strongly in achieving great things with the power and goodness of God.

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The Power to Excel.
You Have Greatness in You.
The 9 Power Principles for Change.
I Can Do It.
The 8 Success Secrets for Teens & Young Adults.
Live Your Dream.
The Positive Change.
The Winner’s Mindset.
How to Be Happy Daily.
Daily Motivation for Success

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You can also hire me for Motivational Speaking engagements for a fee by reaching me through the contact link on this website or by emailing azukazuke@gmail.com. This is my American Dream. God Bless America.