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I am AZUKA, Motivational Speaker, Motivational Minister, Confidence Doctor, Author, and Change Agent. I call myself the 3M’s (Motivation, Miracle, Movement)

I am a disciple of the movement for positive change. author-small

Azuka grew up in a remote village in Nigeria, West Africa. Having found myself under the guidance of parents who were tough, there was total discipline at home which later became a moving force in my drive to finding my calling and purpose in life to succeed in creating this Brand.

Over time, he immigrated to The United States of America and became a champion for change and has made a career of motivational speaking and writing self-development books. He inspires people everywhere he goes even on the streets of America, the gym, supermarkets, churches, playgrounds or cook-outs, to be their best and charges people to be tough & determined. Azuka sees a powerful future in every human being and strongly believes that every human has “The Power to Excel” only if they are willing to try just a little hence the creation of the Azuka Movement, a brand loaded with motivation, strength, power, gratitude, inspiration & positive energy.

Azuka Zuke is a non-fiction author and a Beverly Hills Book Award Winner. He is Modest, Charismatic, Compassionate, Humble but Complex.

He is a champion of Giving While Living, and the Founder of Zuke Charities Africa, a program that empowers people in Africa, with primary focus on Nigeria.

He plays soccer, tennis, and golf as a hobby. Azuka is always under construction, a perpetual student and is always learning. He has faith in the American Dream which is still strong, vibrant and alive. Azuka strongly believes in achieving great things with the power and goodness of God.

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You can also hire me for Motivational Speaking engagements or School Assemblies for a fee by reaching me through the contact link on this website or by emailing azukazuke@gmail.com. You can reach me directly by phone at +1 908-380-9392.

This is my American Dream, and I am sticking to my story.