Azuka is an excellent writer and an all around great person.
-By Doc Benson, Culdee Productions, West Virginia, USA.


Excellent & Extremely Informative

Mandatory reading. The times require this compelling and powerfull piece of literature. Make this a required reading for all ages.

By Rodney. A


I believe that only with God are ALL THINGS possible! This book is a perfect example of that – showing how your life can change in a split second if you trust God! I started reading this book at the beginning of this week and I am almost done as I can’t seem to put it down. Not only does the book grip you, but it is also an easy read. Azuka engages his readers not only by motivating and empowering them, but by adding his own personal life stories (as well as humor) to show that we all do have “THE POWER TO EXCEL.”

By Gladys, Owner, www.g-splendor.com



This book no doubt will be placed in our library.

By LV Moore School Roselle

Wao !!! Awesome

You talk about motivation in this book. This book will inspire so many people. I already feel a sense of affirmation. Job well done. I can’t wait to read the whole book.

By  Maina


Excellent Read.

A great inspiration for anyone who reads this book.

By Natalie B


 A Motivational Guide.

A motivational guide to improving one’s life through changing one’s mindset.

By Kirkus Reviews.


Well Organized

The book is organized very well. Each chapter focuses on a topic pertaining to excellence. Oftentimes the topics can overlap but this helps reinforce how each topic affects the other. Well Done!

By Tara, CreateSpace Editor


Secretes of Success

Like a long and somewhat drawn out conversation with a friend, Obi passes along his secrets of success gained while traveling the world and experiencing different cultures and values.(3 Stars out of 5).

-ForeWord Reviews


A Motivational Guide

A motivational guide to improving one’s life through changing one’s mindset.


This Book Changed My Life

I purchased this book called “The Power To Excel” by Azuka Zuke. This book is so Amazing. The book is available on Amazon. I am not a big reader but from the beginning to the end, I couldn’t put this book down. It was so inspiring and it has motivated me to the point of no return. I’m on fire. It’s like I had plastic surgery on my life. I have gotten a complete makeover on my dream and my goals.
Everyday I’m focusing on me, my singing, my health. I am exercising daily now and have lost a few pounds already. I’ve learned so much about myself in this book. It has given me confidence. If you want to change your life NOW, please order and read this book, not once but at least three times and apply the principles Azuka teaches to your everyday life and goals. The best thing Azuka Zuke said in this book that changed my life was “be grateful for everything you have, big or small and thank God for them.” Another thing he said that motivated me is this. “No matter how bad the day seems, no matter the low life state you find yourself in…..Get over it, be brave and get it together….No Pity Party.” The “No Pity Party” challenge keeps me moving and achieving my goals and very determined to make it no matter what. Please Buy this book…..”The Power to Excel” by Azuka Zuke on Amazon & Barnes&Noble.com and you will Excel. Azuka is also a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. Thank you.
Andrea Droomgole, New York USA.


Something Interesting.

The book guides readers through common themes, including snippets on the laws of attraction, the power of positive thinking, visualization, fitness, diet, charity, faith, friendship , and service. This short volume is the beginning of something interesting, especially if the author shines more light on the past that brought him to the present.

– ForeWord Reviews.


Great Energy

I have absolute respect for your website. I have also read two of your books I ordered from Amazon. I visited your instagram page and loved it. Everything on your instagram page is on fire. I have to thank you for all the wonderful and good vibes you bring to life. I won’t like every post you made because it will take a whole year. But just know that you are truly inspiring more people than you know. Thank you.
Mary Anne from Canada.

Our Thanks & Appreciation

We would like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation for your generous gift.

It is gratifying to know that we have your support. As we work to address the great challenges of our time, we hope that you will continue to stay active and involved.

Again, thank you for your kind gift.

Barack Obama               Michelle Obama.  




“The Power to Excel” Book

I read your book “The Power to Excel” and was very impressed by it. The book will equip readers with all the pieces of inspiration and success strategies to take their lives to a new level of excellence. On a personal note, when I was slow to act on a project, you energized me. You reminded me of the law of attraction. Please continue to inspire, continue to connect, and thank you for sharing the power of gratitude. I am grateful for you and all you give to so many. The Power to Excel book belongs to every classroom so that every child knows there is nothing blocking the best with the book in hand. Study it, read it and read it again.


TV Personality, Celebrity, Multi-Emmy Award Winner.

Good Reference Material

No doubt, the book will be a good source of reference materials in our library. Please accept the assurances of my high consideration and esteem always.

– Ambassador Habib B. Habu, OON    

Consul-General of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Our Gratitude

This is to express our gratitude to you for your presentation on The Power to Excel at the Linden Library. The residents in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the program. I am still receiving very positive comments about your program. Thank you.

By Dennis Purves, Director ,Linden Library, New Jersey. 07/03/2013


An Essential Part of Using One’s Power Within

I am the narrator of the audio version of “The Power To Excel”, and from the moment I auditioned, I knew that I wanted to be the voice of the book! The powerful words and attitude of “The Power To Excel” will inspire and uplift you while showing you how to use the power within yourself to make the most of each and every day and opportunity. “The Power To Excel” is a definite must-read, and an invaluable addition to your library. Author Azuka Zuke Obi easily earns five stars from me!

By Scott Clem-Narrator/Voice Artist of audiobook, The Power to Excel.



Very motivational and inspiring. Wow I wasn’t expecting this. I really enjoyed reading this book. I will continue to spread the word. A+ for the author.

By Daz.



In the foreward the author explains his humble beginnings as a young child from a West African Village feeling like the world is going to collapse on him. Through this book the author explains how he was able to harness the power that resides in himself, in all of us, to overcome his humble beginnings and achieve real success. Now many of us who read this book did not start out as young West African Children, but we all start from humble beginnings and reading this book can help you achieve your goals. The author has such belief in the power lying dormant in all of us, that it is impossible to not read this book and feel inspired to go out and accomplish the goals we have been putting off for a lifetime. Do not hesitate any further, buy this book, read this book, and go out and reach your potential.

By  J. Boyle