1. Embrace your personality 2. Develop listening skills. 3. Respect everyone you meet. 4. Sell your expertise. 5. Share your knowledge joyfully. 6. Develop a growth mindset. 7. Be kind to everyone. 8. Always be prepared. 9. Dress well, look and feel good.

1. Always be ready to talk to people. 2. Ask lots of questions. 3. Practice good posture. 4. Don’t worry about what people think. 5. Stay positive. 6. Smile genuinely always. 7. Don’t dwell on your past. 8. Become a Public Speaker.

Develop a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset is linked to having a sense of purpose. Find the things you love to do well with the least resistance. Create a personal vision statement and read it daily. Give back from time to time. Practice gratitude daily. Turn your pain into purpose. Explore your passions and

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