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“Thank you Mr. Zuke. It is a pleasure partnering with you. We truly appreciate your generosity of donated copies of your personally autographed books presented to our Distinguished Honor Roll students at today’s awards ceremony. Your positive words of encouragement and inspiration to all of our students at Leonard V. Moore Middle School are also greatly appreciated. Congratulations on a job well done. I’m certain that our students and their parents will enjoy reading your book “The Power to Excel” and feel a tremendous sense of empowerment. I wish you all the best for continued success! Thank you once again and I look forward to our continued partnership.”

Dr. Kevin West.
Superintendent of Schools,
Roselle Public Schools,
New Jersey USA.


I am Azuka Zuke~ Author of over 11 self-development books, International Speaker, Change Agent, Gratitude Promoter, Motivational Doctor, Smile Spreader, and Confidence Coach. Azuka is a disciple of the movement for positive change and gratitude. He immigrated from Nigeria, West Africa and is now an American Citizen. Azuka travels the world empowering people to live their dreams to the greatest capacity ever possible and to live a life of gratitude at all times. A Beverly Hills Book Award Winner, Azuka strongly believes in the American Dream which is still alive, strong and powerful. Azuka takes pride in living life happily with gratitude and deference to the Most High. He is a soccer enthusiast, and plays the beautiful game well. He plays golf as well. He writes self-development books.

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